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Inna is Dublin based jewellery designer and maker.The  Brand story started many years ago from the deep passion to create.

She gets her inspiration from surrounding world, nature observations, life itself.  Some of collections  are based on floral and garden motifs. Others are inspired by nature phenomenons  or Universe in general meaning.

Inna designs jewellery for stylish independent woman, who knows exactly what she wants, enjoys luxury of freedom and doesn't need to be told what to wear.

We strongly believe that   jewellery not only must be beautiful, original and compliment any look, but also must be easy to wear, easy to put on, sit well, and must be made up to highest standards.

With a degree in Jewellery and Metal design, Inna has a deep knowledge and skill  which she combines to create her jewellery.

 All jewellery we make, let it be silver or glass, brass or gems quality and good design comes first and upmost importance.

We guarantee that all our product is made and finished by hand in our Dublin studio, it is hypoallergenic and made according to the highest standards to last you many many years.

By choosing our jewellery you choose timeless pieces of art captured in metal.

Each piece of our jewellery has a space for imagination to tell your own story.

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