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2018 Inna designs



Inna designs jewellery for stylish independent woman, who knows exactly what she wants, enjoys luxury of freedom and doesn't need to be told what to wear.

We strongly believe that   jewellery not only must be beautiful, original and compliment any look, but also must be easy to wear, easy to put on, sit well, and must be made up to highest standards.

Each piece of our jewellery has a space for imagination to tell your own story.

Tell your own story

Wildcraft Collection
Wildcraft collection is all about of beauty of imperfect perfection by greatest designer- the Nature.  Ideal for those who are different, standing out of crowd and agree that nobody is perfect yet everyone is beautiful.
cone pendant.JPG
Water collection is inspired by magical and mesmerizing beauty of oceans, rivers,  foggy morning dew and rain. Collection is an attempt to capture in silver rippled surfaces of rain on rivers, stormy waves splatters to the shores and mystical beauty of dew.

Water collection

WN10 (2).JPG



Garden Collection is inspired by amazing world of plants. This collection is created with garden parties in mind where beautiful ladies are chatting to each other with a glass of prosecco among scents of colorful blossoms. Collection is full of colors and shapes exactly as nature is.