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Beauty of simplicity. Humble branch is captured in sterling silver and transformed into very original piece of jewellery. Semicircle shape will sit very nice around the neck. Technology of silver casting we are using let us recreate natural  shape, tiniest details and realistic look of a real branch with a buds. Synthetic peridot is used to give a small bit of sparkle and colour to this necklace


It is very delicat piece with a lot of meaning. Buds in spring mean a new begining , start of a new life, start of e fresh cycle in nature and universe. It all starts from a bud! Pendant will make a nice addition to a jewellery box of nature lovers and those who enjoy calm and thoughtful lifestyle.


Linden tree in many cultures is a sumbol of a great luck. love and prosperity. By wearing a linden branch casted  in precious metal you may catch a bit of it :)


Casting from a nature objects takes a few steps. First of all we need to find perfect branch or leaf or seed etc. Then rubber or silicone mold is made and  filled with wax. When wax model is ideal and fits our vision it is casted in silver in lost wax technique. That's a very brief description of what goes into making silver castings of natural objects in silver just to give you an insight how many steps it takes to get one piece ready.

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To protect your sterling silver jewellery from tarnishing keep it in airtight bag when unworn. Plastic zip lock bags work perfectly. Or try to wear your jewellery as often as possible: we are sure you would like to show it to the World :)

 Easiest and quickest way to clean silver is with silver polishing cloth. But somtimes it can be very difficult to clean some intricate jewellery , especially chains just with a silver polishing cloth. We would recommednt to get a specialized silver dip ( sometimes called 'silver bath') , especially if you have a lot of silver jewellery. There is a large choice of silver dips in the market.


Materials and size:

Sterling silver

Classic belcher chain.

Length: 18 inch

Syntethic peridot stones

Stone size: approx.:1cm


NOTE: It's a handmade product so may vary slightly from the image.

Linden branch necklace with Peridot. Sterling silver